The power of Aromatherapy

Ever wondered why wearing a colorful top makes you instantly happier? The truth is that this isn’t just in your mind; there is a whole therapy behind that, called Color Therapy. Color Therapy isn’t a new trend; it has been around for centuries and was used in China, Egypt and India for the healing and therapeutic benefits that come with it. How it works? The human body has seven energy centers called chakras, each one related to one of the seven colors of the rainbow; the energy of all those centers must be balanced in order to have a healthy body. Colors help this balancing process, resulting in a more energized, blissful mind and body as well. 

Another natural therapy also known for its benefits such as stress relief, elimination of headaches and relaxing is Aromatherapy. But what is Aromatherapy and how does it works? Aromatherapy uses naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants such as lavender, lemon, ginger, eucalyptus and much more for balancing brain’s and body’s health. Depending on the essential oil used, Aromatherapy can boost the energy levels, help reduce pain or make a healing process much quicker. You can benefit from Aromatherapy by using Essential Oils not only during massages or baths, but also by inhaling them.   

Overall, both Color Therapy and Aromatherapy are great natural ways for helping not only spiritually, but also physically by recharging the whole body. A great product that combines both therapies in a very successful way is Aravinda’s MOJO bracelets; colorful bracelets made with the principles of Color Therapy that can be infused with the Essential Oil of your preference. Your perfect companion for the challenges of everyday life!